support and services


When you purchase a CFAR subscription, you receive access to:

  • product updates
  • version upgrades
  • unlimited email support
  • limited telephone support

Notifications of updates and upgrades are delivered through the News Service that is part of the CFAR software. You must have an active subscription to use the software, and to be eligible to receive any of the above support and services.

Inactive and Expired Subscriptions

When a monthly subscription fee is past due for 15 days or more, the subscription status is changed to inactive and the software will cease to function. If payment is still not received after 45 days, the subscription status is changed to expired. Inactive subscriptions can be re-activated after all outstanding balances are paid. Expired subscriptions cannot be re-activated. To use CFAR again after a subscription has expired, you must purchase both a new subscription and new designer and viewer licenses

CFAR Training

CFAR comes with two kinds of help: A comprehensive and context-sensitive help system and a PDF help document. Each provides you with the information you need to create your own custom reports in CFAR.

To supplement the manuals, we also offer several courses on different reporting topics. Courses are usually 2 hours in length.

For additional information about course cost or content, or to schedule a training, please contact

Custom Report Design and Construction

Professional report design and construction is provided as an additional service. If you would like us to build a report for you, please contact us to request an estimate.


Some MSPs find that it is more cost-effective to pay for mentoring services than pay for custom report design and construction. If you have staff familiar with SQL, mentoring will teach them a process for creating advanced reports using CFAR. Staff who work with our mentors learn how to write SQL statements to get the data you want, how to create intermediate cursors to transform the data into the proper form for a specific report, and how to work with the Advanced Layout Report tool to professionally format report output. For more information on mentoring services, please contact us at

Service Fees

The following services are not covered by the monthly CFAR subscription fee, but are available for an additional charge:

  • custom report development
  • report estimates
  • mentoring
  • consulting

Report estimates are $75 each; all other services are charged at a rate of $150 per hour.