ConnectWise Reports

If you think you're getting everything you need from
your current Connectwise reporting tool,
then you haven't seen CFAR!

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Support for Connectwise in the Cloud

  • CFAR now integrates with both local and cloud versions of Connectwise Manage
  • Includes over 175 pre-built reports and dashboards
  • Create custom reports from ANY table or view

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When is a picture not worth a thousand words? When you need a report!

  • Dashboards are cool (we do them too)
  • But reports answer the hard questions
  • We also have drill-down reports

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An Exec Summary
that Execs like!

  • Collapsible headings that tell them what is important
  • A click with the mouse reveals the details
  • Modular design lets you pick what to show

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CFAR Reporting Solutions Overview


CFAR is an ad hoc reporting tool that makes it easy for MSPs to create custom reports and dashboards from their Connectwise or Continuum data. CFAR is easy to deploy, easy to learn, and easy to use. Comes with over 400, free, pre-built reports and dashboards that you can use and modify - or choose to create your own report in minutes.


When a new report is ready for production, the next question is whether it should be run on a schedule. Using report jobs, CFAR can create output for a single report - or several - on a schedule you specify. Email of output is also supported. Finally a way to generate professional reports and automatically deliver them on-time to your staff and clients.


Grow and protect your managed services revenue. Clients forget all the things you do. Remind them of the value you bring to their business with CFAR Executive Summary reports.

CFAR for Connectwise Automate (LabTech)

See your Connectwise Automate (formerly LabTech) data in ways you never thought possible. Over 225 Automate reports and dashboards included.  Pick from a variety of pre-built, custom reports to send to clients, or create your own reports to analyze a problem. CFAR is so fast and easy to use, it will quickly become the ad-hoc reporting tool you reach for when you need fast answers from your Automate data.

CFAR for Connectwise Manage

Have you ever wished you had a Connectwise report that analyzed monthly profit margin - in detail - breaking out all the costs? Have you wanted a Connectwise custom report to show you time sheet compliance? We listen to our users, and are constantly adding to the list of over 175 reports and dashboards for Connectwise Manage. Try a 15-day demo and see what you've been missing.

CFAR for Connectwise Automate and Manage

For the ultimate in reporting power, access both Automate and Manage data using CFAR for Automate and Manage. Comes with over 400 pre-built reports and dashboards. Create ad hoc reports from the data you want regardless of where it is. Run CFAR's new HTML dashboards to display Tickets and SLA metrics from Manage and NOC statistics from Automate.

Why choose CFAR

Speed and power

CFAR has a powerful reporting engine that delivers results quickly from your data. Because its so fast, users are encouraged to exlpore their data in new ways.

Satisfied users

Our users express satisfaction both with the product and the support provided. Please have a look at our testimonial page for comments from MSPs currently using CFAR.


CFAR's wizard-driven, application-centric interface exposes data instead of hiding it. Using CFAR is intuitive with controls that work the way you think. Create ad-hoc reports in minutes.

Cost effective

CFAR users report that the product saves them money. Some are using custom reports to streamline back office operations like payroll review; others charge clients a premium for custom reports for banking regulations and HIPAA compliance.


Besides printing your report, you can choose to save its output in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word and Excel files, RTF, PDF, delimited (CSV), and several image formats.

Constant development

We are always adding new reports and dashboards to CFAR. We listen closely to the needs of our users. Feel free to contact us with report suggestions and ideas.

CFAR is designed for quick, easy, and professional reports for LabTech and Connectwise. It's really an amazing tool and nearly anyone can create a new report in just a few minutes.

A.J. Gyomber - CEO, Technology Visionaries