What Our Clients are Saying...

A.J. Gyomber / CEO, Technology Visionaries

CFAR is designed for quick, easy, and professional reports for LabTech and Connectwise. It's really an amazing tool and nearly anyone can create a new report in just a few minutes. The pricing is reasonable as well...I can tell you from experience, I created a workstation warranty expiration report highlighting workstations with warranties either expired or about to expire in probably five minutes. You don't have to buy Crystal Reports or be a Crystal Report expert to use this product.

Jason Burton-Woods / Service Delivery Manager, AVC

As a Tier 2 MSP on the East Coast of Australia, we find our customers are constantly looking for demonstrations of value and improvement. Base reporting in Connectwise and LabTech limited our ability to present to our clients what we call focus areas. CFAR was by far the best choice for integrating the two systems. It let us include in our reports both our focus areas and company branding. The resulting reports were quick to create and exceeded our requirements. When we sent the first Monthly CFAR report to our clients, 15% of them took the time to respond - telling us that the new format is excellent! CFAR has transformed Client Monthly reporting from a report that only covered the basics to one that is a demonstration of value, dynamically presented in a very clear, easy-to-read format. Perhaps the biggest change CFAR has made is in our attitude toward reporting. We now believe that whatever the reporting challenge, we can do it! Without coding experts!!!

Jeremie Scheiner / EZ MSP

Yesterday, three of us in the office tried to make a report using the new Connectwise report writer. We spent well over an hour, only to give up in frustration. We then spent five minutes creating the same report in CFAR. The report took so little time to create and ran so fast, we could not believe the result was correct. A little checking verified the report was accurate. In fact, we are using CFAR so much now that we just ordered three more licenses from the Rose Valley Software website...

Brian Mirsky / Veranda Technologies

Just this month, my business was at a crossroad. We were in the process of deciding if we leave LabTech in favor of some of the other options in the RMM world...or stick with them. In the end, one of the most enticing reasons we decided to stay with LabTech had little to do with LabTech itself. For the past two years my business has been using CFAR from Rose Valley Software. Rick and his team are amazing and the product really is as the name implies - Cheap, Fast and Accurate Reporting. You really CAN have all three! It's still weird to me that a 3rd party product had such an impact in our decision to stay with LabTech... but CFAR really does enhance the LabTech experience, both for us and our clients.

Ben Grantham / Phase 42

Rick is outstanding with his support and the reports (we are focused on CW right now) are really simple to generate. Not only that, this product can be extended to use Third-Party components, e.g. run a command line script to grab external data... If you have any interest at all in reporting, CFAR is a no-brainer.

Michael Doherty / CEO, Mikrodots, Inc.

CFAR (Cheap, Fast, Accurate Reports) works as advertised. Seems simple on the surface but is fully customizable under the hood...Great reporting tool for LabTech; easy for a non-programmer, but fully programmable for SQL experts.

Neil Collins / Collins IT Services

I just wanted to say thanks again for all your help with the product...Part of the reason I bought CFAR is how well it does reporting, but equally important is how great you are to work with. Very quick to respond and very helpful teaching me how to use it.

Kemtis Kunanuraksapong \ Busch Consulting, Inc.

I have worked with Rick and CFAR for a year...I couldn't be happier with what we accomplished and the future of custom reports at our company. CFAR reports have increased our clients' awareness of what we do for them and how we take care of their IT needs. In short, CFAR has taken LabTech reporting to a new level.