CFAR: Our Name is Our Goal

CFAR (pronounced See-Far) stands for Cheap, Fast, Accurate Reports,  Other reporting solutions may be Fast and Accurate, but cost an arm and a leg.  Or they can be Cheap and Accurate, but slow.  Or Cheap and Fast, but not accurate.  Every day we strive to keep CFAR true to its name - Cheap, Fast, Accurate Reports for your ConnectWise data.

Knowledge: We Know Databases

Since 1985, the developers at Rose Valley have concentrated their efforts on the development of sophisticated, but easy-to-use, database applications for both private and non-profit businesses. Some applications, like CFAR, were business intelligence tools. Others were more traditional database applications.

Among the many kinds of applications we have developed are: contact management systems, medical practice management systems, mass mailing systems, personnel systems, proposal tracking systems, budget projection systems, time and expense systems, billing systems, university registration systems, deposit tracking systems, data mining, and ad hoc reporting systems

Customers: We Hear You

Building good software involves building good relationships. It requires active listening – the ability to hear the customer and what the customer wants. Your feedback is essential to the success of CFAR and to the success of your use of CFAR in your own projects.<\p>

Please contact us with any feedback you may have. Send your email comments to:

Or call us at: 267-239-0928 ( hours of operation: 8 AM – 5 PM Eastern Standard Time).