More Information About Licenses

How CFAR licenses work.

CFAR is licensed on a per-user basis. That means each user who wants to create and/or run reports in CFAR requires a license. Here's how licensing works:

  • Until CFAR has been activated, it runs in "inactivated" mode. You are asked each time you run CFAR if you want to activate it. If you choose to do so, a Registration dialog appears. On the last page of this dialog is a registration number. This registration number is based on several factors, one of which is information about the system where CFAR is installed (not necessarily the workstation that it's running on, but the system where the program resides). When given the registration number, Rose Valley Software Studio provides an activation code to register CFAR. The activation code is also based on several factors, including the registration number, serial number, and number of licenses purchased. Licensing information is stored in a file named SFQuery.lic in the Data subdirectory of the program folder.
  • Users in the Administrators user group (such as the ADMIN user) are the only ones who have access to the Maintain Users and Groups dialog in CFAR. In that dialog, an administrative user can only define as many user accounts as there are licenses. They can also specify which users use which licenses if more that one type of license is installed. For example, if there are two Report Designer and five Report Viewer licenses, they can define up to two users as Report Designers and five users as Report Viewers.
  • When you log in, CFAR does two checks. The first is how many users are currently running CFAR. If all licenses are currently in use (for example, five users are currently in CFAR and there are only five licenses in total), you are informed of this and CFAR terminates. The second check is whether another user is logged in with the same user name. If so, you are informed of this and CFAR terminates.

So CFAR licensing is a combination of named users (you can only define as many user names as there are licenses) and concurrent use (only as many users as there are licenses can be logged in at the same time).

Valid Licenses

Before running a report, CFAR checks to see if the license you’re using is valid. A valid license is one that has:

  • a count of agents that exceeds the number of current agents In use in Automate, and,
  • a count of configs that exceeds the number of current configs in use in Manage.

To check your current license limits for agents and configs, start CFAR, then select the “About CFAR” item from the Help menu.

To increase the agent/config counts, buy a new subsription from the website and notify CFAR support that you have purchased a new subscription to replace your old one. Once confirmation of payment is received, all of your existing licenses’ limits will be increased to the new levels you selected.

Inactive and Expired Subscriptions

When a monthly subscription fee is past due for 15 days or more, the subscription status is changed to inactive and the software will cease to function. If payment is still not received after 45 days, the subscription status is changed to expired. Inactive subscriptions can be re-activated after all outstanding balances are paid. Expired subscriptions cannot be re-activated. To use CFAR again after a subscription has expired, you must purchase both a new subscription and new designer and viewer licenses.